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Developed by Andomed S.L nuevocristalino.es, neuelinsen.com, newlens.co.uk… has been created with a multiple objective which, with a general focus on intraocular lenses, includes the types of surgery and associated technology, the clinics and doctors specialised in these techniques and of course the patients who need to have their cataracts operated on or would like to correct their presbyopia:

  • We try to bring patients closer to the world of intraocular lenses. To educate patients so that together with their ophthalmologist they can make the best decision on the intraocular implant most suitable for both their health and their expectations and quality of life.
  • We want users to find all the information, displayed as clearly as possible on the intraocular lenses available on the market along with all their features.
  • We provide visitors with a Lens search tool so that Ophthalmologists and patients alike can see the options which fulfil the requirements of the market.
  • Given the inseparable nature of intraocular lenses from their associated types of surgery, nuevocristalino offers patients a list of ophthalmology clinics specialising in the techniques which use intraocular lenses.
  • We would also like visitors to be able to ask questions and therefore offer a Q&A area. The subject matter of this is restricted to intraocular lenses, associated surgery and refractive conditions.
  • We also offer a space where patients who have already been operated on or who are considering having cataract surgery or refractive lens surgery can exchange impressions and experiences. (As with the Q&A the subject matter is restricted, this is not a General Ophthalmology forum).
  • Newlens hopes to establish itself as a reference in the field of intraocular lenses. It therefore includes a blog which will be updated with the latest advances in the field.

Under no circumstances does any of the information appearing on Nuevo Cristalino  substitute or partially replace the informative role of a professional ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist is always the only person responsible for informing the patient of the most suitable solutions for the patient’s health and quality of life.

Pictures without explicit source, courtesy of Oculentis GmbH.

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