Below we have provided the following test to simulate the process of choosing intraocular lenses. The sole purpose of this form is to give you an idea of the variables and questions you should ask yourself before the operation.

Be aware that the type of implant selected will fully determine your vision after the operation.  At NewLens we recommend you to seek advice from the ophthalmologist and provide them with all the information possible, to enable them to make the decision which best suits your needs.

Complete the test below and see for yourself how many intraocular lenses are available to you.

1. How important is it for you not to rely on glasses after surgery?
2. What was your glasses prescription before the appearance of cataracts? Or your current if you have a clear lens?
3.  Do you have any other ocular diseases?
4.  After the surgery ¿How important is it for you to have good far vision without correction: while driving, playing golf... ?
5. After surgery, how important it is for you to be able to see near objects without glasses (near)?
6. If glasses were needed after surgery, in which of the following activities would you be happy to carry on using them?
7.  Were your vision good in both far and near distance during the daylight, could you cope with effects like halos and sparkles at night?
8. If your vision were good during the daylight without any need of glasses, could you accept the use of glasses
There are many situations where you need to see well at different distances. In case you decide to eliminate the dependence on glasses, in which scenario would you find more important to be fully independent of the use of glasses?
Regarding your personality…¿How would you consider yourself?