Eye Clinics for Intraocular Surgery

When choosing an ophthalmology clinic for an intraocular operation, all patients should take the following aspects into account:

What “real” references do you have for this Ophthalmologist or Clinic?

Nowadays there are many internet forums where, with the protection of anonymity, false accusations are cast with the sole aim of damaging the Doctor or Clinic. Focus your interests specifically on people who have had their eye condition operated on and listen to their testimonies (clear communication from the doctor, end result, post-operative expectations, etc.).

What equipment/technology does the clinic have related to the surgery they plan to perform on me?

As well as the selection of intraocular implants, the ophthalmologist will inform you of the specific technique they plan to use.  Nowadays there are various options for operating on a cataract or clear crystalline lens to correct presbyopia (see chapter on surgery).

With which implant will my cataract or natural crystalline lens be replaced?

As can be seen on this portal dedicated to intraocular lenses, the quantity and variability of implants available today is enormous.  Selection of a suitable implant is as important as the operation itself to guarantee satisfaction post surgery.  Failing to give the decision on the type of intraocular implant due consideration can be a costly error.

Is the price of the surgery reasonable?

In most cases, the cost of the operation is another variable when it comes to choosing a clinic.  It is important to take into account that the equipment needed to practise quality Ophthalmology is expensive and that the Ophthalmologist also assumes considerable responsibility each time they perform an operation.

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