How much do intraocular lenses cost?

Among the inquiries we receive from patients, the most repeated question is the one regarding the price of intraocular lenses. Although in a few countries the patient must buy the lens prescribed by the surgeon himself, in most countries the clinic is in charge of everything, freeing the patient from the buying process. However, even if the clinic buys the lens, the patient (once he gained some knowledge about his cataract or presbyopia operation* and the quoted price) wants to know how much does his intraocular lens cost.

Well, what is the approximated price?

First of all, we would like to highlight that in NewLens we do not intend to compare prices and neither do we intend to recommend a specific price. Besides, we only have data relating prices offered to the patients on their surgery invoice. This means we can only provide the patient with a price range and, due to the great amount of different intraocular lenses on the market, this price range is very broad.

We must bear in mind that, apart from all the lens manufacturers that can be found on our portal, there are many others from different countries. Depending on the “type of lens” as well as the “lens manufacturer”  intraocular lenses in western countries may cost from tens of € to over a thousand €.

Will I see better after surgery if I use a more expensive lens?

Thanks to the wide range of designs and manufacturers, your ophthalmologist will be able to choose the intraocular lens that is most appropriate for you. The “kind of lens” you need, will determine the price you will need to pay. In other words, a cheaper lens may be the optimal one for you to provide you a better view after surgery.

All lenses have very different functionalities and the price range depend on those functions. Apart from the functionalities, there are aspects relating to the surgical procedure (with an injector, preloaded, etc.) that will add additional cost to the procedure. These features don’t have a direct impact on the visual quality of the patient after surgery.

When does Price become a critical factor?

Normally, the patient gets a sense of the price of the intraocular lens in the cataract surgery price, when the ophthalmologist explains to him price differences between multifocal and monofocal intraocular lenses. In those cases, and if the patient is a candidate for multifocal implants, the patient is more conscious of the impact that a premium implant can have on the total price of surgery.

We must remember that the intraocular lens is only one component in the total price of the surgery. Additional costs relates to disposable devices and different technologies (eg: laser assisted procedures). This is an other reason why every clinic provides a different quote.

Is it worth to “save” money on an intraocular lens?

As saving money on the surgery procedure, saving money on the intraocular lens is not recommended. After discussing your needs and expectations with your ophthalmologist, allow him to advise you the best lens  for you in order to achieve the best possible result after surgery.

As always, do not hesitate to ask us any question you may have or check our forum.

(*) or myopia, hyperopia or farsightness, or astigmatism; we refer to any intraocular surgery with lens implant.

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