Intraocular Lens Models

At NewLens, we try to show you all of the lenses of a certified quality which are available to patients in their respective countries.  If you have already browsed on other parts of this site, you will probably already know that the intraocular surgery options available today include a wide range of different intraocular lenses.

We invite you to browse using the filters to your right.  If you are a doctor or patient with advanced knowledge use the “Advanced” filter.  If you are a patient who is starting to consider surgery for presbyopia or cataracts, for the time being use the “Basic” filter to obtain an overview of the different lenses available to your surgeon for use in your implant.

Intraocular Lens Finder

There is an endless number of intraocular lenses in the world, some are available in some countries and not in others. Therefore, at Nuevo Cristalino we strive to show you all the intraocular lenses of certified quality available in your country (if your ophthalmologist offers you one that is not here, it does not mean that it is not the best lens and does not offer excellent quality and results).

Check for yourself to see the characteristics of the intraocular lens which your ophthalmologist has selected for you.