AMO (Abbott Medical Optics) Intraocular Lenses

Founded in 1880 and based in the USA, the intraocular lens manufacturer AMO, a commonly used acronym in ophthalmology for Abbot Medical Optics, has established itself as the world’s number one company in LASIK, second in the treatment of cataracts and intraocular lenses (where it is growing with its TECNIS platform) and the third in eye care solutions.

In today’s world, with the population of the “baby boom” generation and increasingly improved access to ocular health care in developing countries, AMO is a multinational which obtains 65% of its turnover from outside the USA, with a strong presence in emerging markets such as China and India.  AMO is present in over 60 countries and employs 4000 people.

Research and Development Opening New Pathways in Technological Innovation.

Abbot is focused on constantly improving eye care.  Its research group tackles all areas of ophthalmological surgery and its associated technology, with an in-depth knowledge of biomaterials and extensive experience in chemistry.  As well as having scientists, engineers and other technicians all over the world, Abbot works with top level academic institutions to supplement its internal research.




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AMO United Kingdom, Ltd.
Jupiter House, Mercury park, Wycombe Lane, Wooburn Green, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP10 0HH
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