Bausch+Lomb Intraocular Lenses

Bausch + Lomb began operating in 1853 in Rochester (USA), starting as a small optical store which grew to become a corporation with almost 14,000 employees and products available in over 100 countries around the world.

The aim of Bausch + Lomb is to create solutions which improve patients’ vision, always at the cutting edge of technology.  It began to establish this position in the 20th century, when it produced the first high quality optical lens in America, developed solar lenses for use in the First World War and created the lenses used for taking the first satellite photographs of the moon.  By 1971 it was a pioneer in the introduction of soft contact lenses and today it is the largest supplier of eye care products in the world.

In the field of intraocular lenses specifically, Baush & Lomb offers the models: Akreos AO (Aspheric Monofocal), Akreos MI-60 (Aspheric Monofocal – MICS surgery), Crystalens (Accommodative), Sofport AO (Silicone Aspheric Monofocal) and enVista (Hydrophobic Acrylic).

In the world of intraocular surgery, Bausch + Lomb manufactures a wide range of surgical instruments and equipment.  If you end up having crystalline lens extraction surgery, it is highly likely that your surgeon will be using a Bausch + Lomb material.

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