OCULENTIS Intraocular Lenses

The intraocular lens manufacturer Oculentis based in Berlin with its production facilities in the Netherlands, is one of the few intraocular lens manufacturers which is independent from other groups, with its own research and development department.  This is located in one of the most modern intraocular lens production factories in the world in Eerbeek (Netherlands).


As a player in the presbyopia treatment market, Oculentis does not exclude any line of research and is currently working to expand the development of toric multifocal and accommodative intraocular lenses.  In close collaboration with surgeons, Oculentis is developing new solutions, in new fields, to treat visual defects.

True to its German roots, Oculentis is guided by the highest standards in terms of quality and technology.  Its Sub-Micron Lathing Technology ( SML) is applied to all of its acrylic lenses, which removes the need to perform any additional polishing after production.  Due to this, the square edges are maintained even in joints between the haptics and the optic, without the risk of any residue on the optic.  The square-edged design, along with the excellent superficial quality produced, results in a lower percentage as regards secondary cataract formation (capsular opacification) thereby reducing the need for additional treatment.




The quality of Oculentis products is certified by strict quality controls.  Certified by ISO, periodic inspections carried out by external auditors confirm the optimisation of all the manufacturing processes. For 12 years, Oculentis Ltd. has held ISO 13485 certification which specifically defines the needs and requirements of comprehensive quality management systems related to the manufacture of medical products.

After the manufacturing process, all the lenses are sent to a quality control department for individual checking, measuring both the dioptres of the optic and the Modulation Transfer Function.  This is used to measure the image quality of each Intraocular Lens individually.  Due to the high degree of computerised control the error rate is extraordinarily low, which would be unimaginable with classic manufacturing processes. Besides the processes managed by software, the quality of the tools with a diamond tip are vital to achieving production with maximum precision.  Oculentis has its own technique for cutting the diamond, through which it achieves perfect lens surfaces without the need for any subsequent polishing.



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